The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Palliative Care

The Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team aim to provide the best care possible to improve the quality of life for people, and those important to them, who are living with a progressive or life limiting illness.

Hospital Adult Specialist Palliative Care Team

The Hospital Adult Specialist Palliative Care Team (HSPCT) works alongside hospital teams to support the care of people who are living with a progressive life limiting illness.

Palliative care can be helpful alongside other ways of managing someone’s condition and existing sources of support, by focusing on symptom management and emotional support; and offering support to friends, relatives, and carers.

This support is offered in both the last days of life and at earlier stages of someone’s condition. How and when the specialist team is involved depends on what help is needed and what kind of input would work best for them.

If support is needed for someone who isn’t in hospital, Specialist Palliative Care services in Leeds are also provided by St Gemma's Hospice and Sue Ryder Care Wheatfields. Both hospices provide community support for patients in their own homes or care homes and offer hospice inpatient care alongside a range of other services.

For information about Community Specialist Palliative Care services, please visit the Leeds Palliative Care Website.