The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet the team

The Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team see patients across the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and are available for face to face assessment and support.

Within the team we have:
• Consultants and Specialty Doctors - experienced specialists in palliative medicine
• Specialist Registrars - doctors with experience in palliative care, who are training to be consultants
• Clinical Nurse Specialists with training and experience in palliative care
• Pharmacist with specialist knowledge of medications used within this type of care.

We also have close links with colleagues who work in Chaplaincy, Psycho-oncology, Psychiatric Services, other specialists teams, including disease specific nurse specialists and the Chronic Pain Team.

What does the Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team offer?
We work with you and your ward team of doctors and nurses to offer:
• Advice on the management of your physical symptoms such as pain, sickness, breathlessness or any other distressing symptom
• The opportunity for you and your family to talk about emotional and spiritual needs or concerns
• Links to information about your disease, treatments, financial support and other support services you may need
• Referral for inpatient hospice care or community palliative care.

How do we work?
• Your treating team will discuss your needs with you and, if agreed, they will send a referral to our team
• A member of our team will meet with you and give you the opportunity to talk through your problems
• We will offer individualised advice and support, for you and those important to you
• How often we visit will be arranged with you
• With your consent; we will discuss your care with appropriate professionals and provide advice as necessary to the team looking after you
• We often have colleagues spending time with our team to develop their knowledge and skills. We will always gain your consent for these visitors to be at your assessment
• If you require further specialist palliative care support on discharge from hospital, we can refer to hospices or community palliative care teams.