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Here at Leeds Teaching Hospitals we firmly believe that end of life care is everybody's business. Kindness and compassion are part of our core values but there are also simple, practical things that hospital staff can do to support the relatives and carers of those patients approaching the end of their lives. We know that small things can make a huge difference at such a difficult time and with that in mind, the SUPPORT campaign aims to raise awareness of the things we can do to make the relatives experience a little bit easier, from offering care parking permits, comfort care packs and open visiting to providing refreshments and explaining where to get something to eat.

The SUPPORT campaign is a great way of ensuring we are meeting the needs of those people who are important to a person who is dying in hospital. It can be used as a prompt to remind us of the small things that make a big difference.

How can we SUPPORT you?

Supporting care in the last hours and days of life:  - an information leaflet is available to help you understand what might happen in the next few hours or days.

Understanding your needs: Ward teams should talk with you to you to understand how they can help e.g. do you need more information regarding care and treatment? Please feel free inform the ward teams of any specific needs you have and ask any questions you have.

Parking Permit a free car parking permit is available. This should be offered to you. Feel free to ask a member of staff if a permit has not yet been offered and it would help to have one.

Personal Space - should you wish to spend some time away from the bedside. Teams should explain where spaces such as a family room, quiet room or prayer room are located. Please feel free to ask about this.

Offer a Comfort Care Pack a comfort care pack should be offered if you are staying overnight. Ward teams should guide you about visiting. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about visiting. Overnight accommodation away from the ward may be available. Please speak to a member of staff if this would help.

Restrooms the ward team should explain where the nearest toilets and washing facilities are located. Please ask staff if you are unsure...

Tea & Coffee - The ward teams should offer you refreshments.  Please feel free to ask staff for one.