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Patient Menus

Patients are offered 3 meals a day and biscuits are available on the ward to offer with the beverage service between meals as snacks.

Breakfast items are available on the ward with a selection of porridge, cereals, white or wholemeal bread with spread and a selection of preserves. (View Allergen information)

Lunch is a three course ‘bistro’ style service offering a starter of fruit juice or soup, followed by a selection of individual meals with hot and cold options such as jacket potato with fillings, side salads selections, sandwiches, complete salad meals, omelette and daily hot options. Dessert at lunch has our diary ice cream, cakes with custard, fresh fruit, yogurt and cheese and crackers.

The evening meal is a two course meal with a choice of four hot options (including a vegetarian choice) with a selection of potatoes and vegetables. The desserts offer a hot pudding with custard, a hot milk pudding and fresh fruit.

At weekends the menu includes a Sunday roast at lunchtime, fish and chips supper on Friday and a ‘take away’ theme on Saturday evening.

Refer to the  Dietary Coding  document to view the symbols used on the menus to identify the products suitable to meet the needs of most patients.

Adult Menus

We have a weekly Core Menu:

Core Menu Allergen information

Children's Alternative Menu

We have an alternative children’s a la carté menu which the supports the core menu with more child friendly choices. In addition there are daily alternative children’s choices which can be used to supplement the core menu to ensure we meet children’s likes and dislikes.

Children's Alternative Menu Allergen information

Finger Food Menu

There is a finger foods menu which is aimed at supporting patients in the short & longer term who have dexterity issues but benefit from being able to self feed. All items on this menu are intended to be able to be consumed without needing to use cutlery. There are hot and cold options and the hot items have been selected to still be palatable even if cooled with slower eaters. Although most suitable for patients with dementia, it is also highly suitable for those with a range of other clinical needs.

Finger Food Menu Allergen information

Texture Modified Menu

We have a range of Texture Modified Menus for patients with clinically diagnosed Dysphagia. These meet the International Descriptors for Dysphagia diets.

Texture Modified Menus Poster
Texture Level 3 (Liquidised) Allergen information
Texture Level 4 (Pureed) Allergen information
Texture Level 5 (Minced & Moist) Allergen information
Texture Level 6 (Soft & Bite sized) Allergen information

The following flowchart describes the process used for the Texture Modified Menus:

Texture Modified Menu System

Additional Menus

We also have menus to meet certain cultural or religious requirements:

Kosher Menu Allergen information
African Caribbean Menu Allergen information
Multi Cultural Menu Allergen information

 And also menus to meet the needs of some specific medical conditions:

Gluten Free (No Gluten Containing Ingredients)  Allergen information
Vegan Menu Allergen information

Renal / Low Potassium Menus as follows:

Low Potassium Menu Allergen information
Low Potassium Kosher Menu Allergen information
Low Potassium Multi-Cultural Menu Allergen information
Low Potassium African Caribbean Menu Allergen information

Neutropenic Menus (for Wards J88 and J89 only) as follows:

Neutropenic Menu Allergen information


Higher Energy Snack menus

The Red Tray Higher Energy Snack Menus for an afternoon and an evening snack are available for patients who have a MUST score of 1 or above and therefore have their meals served on a Red Tray. The Flowchart for the procedure for using the Red Tray Higher Energy Snack Menu and ordering snacks for identified patients can also be accessed by clicking the link below:

Higher Energy Snack Menu Allergen information

Higher Energy Snack Menu System (Flowchart) 

Patients on the Older Adult wards are all offered two higher energy snacks per day. Patients can also choose an mid afternoon and evening snack of their choice from the allocated menu if indicated, or from the Higher Energy snack menu. 
The flowchart for this procedure can be accessed below:

Snacks for the older adult Wards

Patients on the Finger food or Texture Modified menus are also offered two higher energy snacks per day. Patients can also choose a mid afternoon and evening snack of their choice from the allocated menu.
The flowchart for this procedure can be accessed below:

Finger Food and Texture Modified Flowchart

Additional snacks with beverages

For those patients who are not on clinically indicated higher energy snack requirements, snacks are provided in the form of a variety of biscuits which are offered at the mid morning, mid afternoon and evening beverage services.

Allergen information

Missed Meal Menus

A missed meal comprising of a orange juice, sandwich, fromage frais / fruit / cake is available as a meal replacement and can be ordered for a patient (adult or child) who has been admitted to your ward but missed a meal as a result of a late admission or as consequence of clinical treatment.

Adults Missed Meal Menu
Children's Missed Meal Menu
Missed Menu Allergens

Other Special Dietary Requests

Additional special meals or snacks which are required to meet an individual patient’s clinical needs and which are in addition to items on the full range of Patient Menus can be ordered on a Special Diet Request Form (D1) for general items or on a specific Special Request form for certain conditions.

These items are identified by the Dietitian as part of the nutritional assessment in order to meet an individual patient’s needs.

The Special Diet Request Form should be completed by the Dietitian or Ward Nursing staff and emailed to the RADU ( by 11.30am each day for evening meal and the next day’s lunch. The Flowchart on the link below shows this process.

Special Diet Request System (Flowchart)

The following Special Request forms are available to meet specific patient needs are to be used only for individually identified patients:

Special Diet Request Form (D1)  
Low Allergen Order Form  Allergen information
Chyle Leak (MCT) Menu  Allergen information
GvHD Order Form   Allergen information
Ketogenic Menu Allergen information