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Meet the Team

Clinical services at the restorative dentistry department are consultant led and are supported by various grades of staff. If accepted for treatment, your treatment will be provided by a suitably qualified dentist, dental therapist or hygienist, under the supervision of a named consultant. Different members of our team may perform different aspects of your treatment based on complexity and appointment availability.

Following your clinical assessment, if you do not require specialist care and treatment is considered at the level of a general dental practitioner, you may be offered treatment on our student clinics. Treatment on student clinics may be provided by undergraduate or postgraduate dental students, student therapist /hygienists within the School of Dentistry (University of Leeds). Treatment provided by students will always be supervised by suitably qualified clinicians.


thumbnail Shash Bhakta 2

Dr Shash Bhakta

Lead Clinician and Head of Restorative Dentistry

Clinical Interests: Oral rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients and patients who have suffered facial trauma, endodontics, prosthodontics and implant dentistry.

 thumbnail Zaid Ali 2

Dr Zaid Ali

Lead for Restorative Oncology service and Training Programme Director for the Dental Core Trainees at Leeds (non OMFS).

Clinical Interests: Oral rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients and patients who have suffered facial trauma, implant dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics and research

Asmaa Portrait 

Dr. Asmaa Al-Taie

Lead for Tooth Wear Rehabilitation.

Clinical Interests: Restorative dentistry, fixed-removable and implant prosthodontics.

Research Interests: Dental materials and clinical solutions in Prosthodontics. 


Miss Hannah Beddis

Training Programme Director for Restorative Dentistry speciality training.

Clinical Interests: Developmental dental problems, periodontics, implant dentistry, premolar transplants, TMD/bruxism and working within the multi-disciplinary team with orthodontics.


Miss Kathryn Durey

Lead for developmental dental problems

Clinical Interests: Developmental dental problems, implant dentistry, fixed prosthodontics, periodontics and working within the MDT with orthodontics/OMFS

 thumbnail Matthew Gahan

Mr Matthew Gahan

Clinical Interests: Endodontics, implant dentistry, removeable prosthodontics

 thumbnail James Chesterman 2

Mr James Chesterman

Lead for Periodontics

Clinical Interests: Periodontics, implant dentistry

 thumbnail Jamit Patel 2

Mr Jaymit Patel

Lead for prosthodontics

Clinical Interests: Oral rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients, implant dentistry, prosthodontics, research

 thumbnail Nick HODSON

Professor Nic Hodson

Academic Head of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Leeds

Clinical Interests: Periodontics

thumbnail Leean Morrow

Miss Leean Morrow

Director of the BSc Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy, Health and Safety Co-ordinator for the Leeds Dental Institute and the Appraisal Lead for Leeds Dental lnstitute CSU.

Clinical Interests: Fixed and Removable prosthodontics


Speciality Registrars:

thumbnail Rachael Jablonski

Rachael Jablonski

 thumbnail David Gray 2 David Gray
 thumbnail Nimit Patel 2 Nimit Patel
 thumbnail Mustafa Zaman 2

Mustafa Zaman

 thumbnail Anurag Srinivas 3

Anurag Srinivas

 thumbnail Joshua Twigg 2

Joshua Twigg

 thumbnail Zhain Mustufvi 3 v2

Zhain Mustufvi


Speciality Dentists:

thumbnail KELLY Sara Sara Kelly
thumbnail Thomas Hodson 2 Thomas Hodson
thumbnail Olivia Barraclough 2 Olivia Barraclough


Hygiene + Therapists:

thumbnail Alison Hodson 2

Alison Hodson

thumbnail Lorna Guthrie 2

Lorna Lichy

thumbnail Sally Elsworth 2

Sally Elsworth


Wei-Lin Tsoi


Additional team members

We have a wonderful team of dental core trainees, dental nurses, receptionists, administrators, support workers and many others within the Restorative Department. They support all the clinical activity, helping the smooth running of our clinics and improving the patient journey.