The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Celebrating National Pathology Week 2021

5 November 2021

It’s National Pathology Week and we’re taking the opportunity to spotlight the amazing range of services, provided every day, by our Pathology department here Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.   

  • With more than 740 dedicated professionals, working across three hospital sites in Leeds (Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), Chapel Allerton and St James’ University Hospital), Pathology is the largest department in the Trust, and it has a well-earned international reputation for expertise in both general and specialist services.

  • Our range of services, along with the depth of experience and expertise of our staff, means we are a centre of excellence and innovation for Pathology. We not only provide services within the Trust, but we also offer our services to GP’s, other NHS Trusts, and commercial and academic institutions, providing tailored services that are highly responsive to our partners. Many of the services we provide are UKAS accredited and clinical professionals can request our analytical and interpretive services from a range of disciplines.

  • The Pathology department provides our Trust Blood Transfusion Service, which is responsible for the transfusion requirements of five hospitals across West Yorkshire. The Blood Transfusion department covers all hospital requests for blood, plasma, platelets, cryoprecipitate, anti-D and specialist clotting factors on a 24-hour basis.

  • The Pathology department provides Mortuary services for the city of Leeds, which comprises facilities for body storage, body release to funeral directors, body viewing and autopsy services (including autopsies for HM Coroner).

  • Yorkshire Regional Genetics Service (YRGS) is an integrated clinical and laboratory service for people affected with, or at risk of, a genetic condition. It provides a clinical service to the population of the Yorkshire and Humber region. It accepts laboratory samples from local, national and international sources. YRGS is part of Pathology here at the Trust and the clinical service is based at Chapel Allerton Hospital, and the laboratories at St. James's University Hospital.

  • The Digital Pathology Project is a joint venture between the Pathology department, on behalf of the Trust, and the University of Leeds. Digital Pathology and whole slide imaging - the complete digitisation of slides - has the potential to transform the practice of diagnostic Pathology with a resulting improvement in quality and safety of reporting, and innovation in the analysis and manipulation of images. Virtual slides are enormous digital images produced by scanning glass slides at very high resolution (200,000 dots per inch). The resulting images are gigapixels in size - far larger than images taken by even the best digital cameras. Digital Pathology promises significant benefits in the delivery of patient care.

  • Pathology also provides all Microbiology services to our hospitals, as well as providing services to GP practices across Leeds and Bradford. Microbiology is located within the Old Medical School in the LGI and provides diagnostic services for Bacteriology, Mycology and Virology. The departments Medical Microbiologists provide clinical advice services to assist in the interpretation of laboratory results as well as offering therapeutic guidance.

  • Pathology Research and Development is also based in the Old Medical School at the LGI and the department has an excellent, established track record of supporting clinical studies and trials, research projects (including PhD and MSc projects) and research carried out by the Trust and the University of Leeds.

  • Specialist Laboratory Medicine is also provided by our Pathology Department, and it encompasses specialist testing within the specialties of Biochemistry, Haematology and Immunology. The service is also a referral lab for non-specialist laboratories across West Yorkshire and beyond, and it supports specialist clinical services commissioned by NHS England, such as the New-born screening programme, Haemoglobinopathy screening and the Regional Haemophilia Network.

  • A brand-new state-of-the-art pathology laboratory, serving Leeds and West Yorkshire, is on track to open late in 2023 and help improve care for patients and provide a better place for staff to work. The new laboratory will support hospitals across the region to improve diagnostics for patients and help to meet the growing regional demand for specialist treatment and care - as well as providing valuable development opportunities for staff.