The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Podcast - The Job Clinic

Working in a hospital has so many opportunities, with every role you can think of covered. 

Colleagues from across the Trust have kindly given an insight into their roles and what they like about the job that they do. Take a short appointment at The Job Clinic.

Episode 1 - Michael Butterfield, Chief Radiopharmacy Technician

Episode 2 - Beth Tapster, Corporate Support Librarian

Episode 3 - Jo Jones, Deputy Head of Chaplaincy

Episode 4 - Dr Preetha Chengot, Consultant Pathologist

Episode 5 - Simon Lewis, Medical Photographer

Episode 6 - Lambros Lambrou, Enterprise Architect, IT

Episode 7 - Rosemary Rushworth, Regional Specialist Social Worker

Episode 8 - Anny di Somma, Trainee Pharmaceutical Scientist

Episode 9 - Sue Watts, Highly Specialist Clinical Physiologist, Sleep diagnostics

Episode 10 - Pantelis Tsagkas, Phlebotomist

Episode 11 - Ellissa Baskind, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine