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Dr Alan Mighell

Dr Alan Mighell
Primary Designation Senior Lecturer in Oral Medicine
GMC Code 4515056
GDC Code 65814
Telephone Number (0113) 343 4583
Special Interests Clinical Care Interest:
- General Oral Medicine specialist practice where the emphasis is on non-surgical care.
- The scope of practice is diverse and includes:
a. Oral mucosal disease [including white patches, red patches, ulcers or swellings];
b. Salivary gland disease [including dryness and enlarged salivary glands]; and
c. Non-tooth-related orofacial pain [including burning mouth syndrome and trigeminal neuralgia]. Care involves other specialists in dentistry or in medical specialties, as required.

Clinical Training Interest:
- The delivery of quality specialty training in Oral Medicine in preparing future specialists and consultants.
- The delivery of simulation training for the dental team with respect to the acutely unwell person (medical emergencies).

Research Interest:
- The study of the genetic (gene) causes of abnormal tooth enamel as a way of understanding how human hard tissues are made and can go wrong.