The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Dr Dipansu Ghosh

Primary Designation Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
GMC Code 6068807
Telephone Number (0113) 206 5683
Special Interests Specialist interest include:
Sleep anpoea, i.e. problems of breathing through the night including stopping breathing during sleep;
Non-respiratory sleep disorders like abnormal behaviours in sleep; e.g. Restless legs, sleep walking, REM Behaviour disorder
Excessive sleepiness due to other causes like Narcolepsy or idiopathic hypersomnia
Home non-invasive ventilation i.e. treating patients who might need support with their breathing especially through the night for various conditions like obesity hypoventilation,severe COPD,chest wall deformities, neuromuscular conditions like MND etc
Looking after tracheostomised patients who need respiratory support at home.
Weaning from tracheostomy i.e. patients who required a tracheostomy and has been difficult to come off respiratory support (ventilator)