The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Dr Muhammad Kashif Mansoor

Primary Designation Consultant Clinical Neurophysiology
GMC Code 5208957
Special Interests I completed my specialist training in Newcastle upon Tyne hospital NHS trust which has a renowned Neurosciences department. During my training years I gained skills and experience in generic as well as specialised Neurophysiology procedures. These include EEGs, Video telemetry studies, Nerve Conduction Study, EMG (Electromyography), RNS, Quantitative EMG, SF EMG, EPs including MEPs, SSEPs, VEPs, ERGS etc. I also took opportunity to learn the intra-operative monitoring and intracranial EEG monitoring in Newcastle and London. In addition, I spent time in National centres like UCL hospitals to gain specialised experience in certain areas like Video telemetry and Paediatric EMG