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Mr Sam Vollans

Mr Sam Vollans
Primary Designation Consultant Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon
GMC Code 6128355
Telephone Number (0113) 392 4774
Special Interests <p>Elbow surgery <br>
Qualified, fellowship trained shoulder and elbow surgeon Shoulder impingement / tendon tears / repeat dislocations / frozen shoulder / arthritis / mechanical shoulder pain <br>
Elbow replacement for arthritis or trauma (including partial elbow replacement) <br>
and infected elbow <br>
Key hole/arthroscopic elbow surgery <br>
Childrens' elbow problems <br>
Osteochondritis of the elbow in children and young adults 6. Long term instability/dislocations of the elbow in children and young adults.<br>
Nerve surgery around the elbow <br>
Tennis/Golfer's elbow</p>