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Welcome to Patient Hub!

NHS AppPatient Hub is a secure, fast and practical way to access and manage your outpatient hospital appointments at Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Patient Hub gives you more control of your appointments and additional support in getting you to the right place at the right time.

In the first instance, you will receive a text or email notification to invite you to join Patient Hub. If this link is not used and your letter is not accessed within 72 hours, a paper copy will be sent in the post.

You can you access Patient Hub using this link: Patient Hub

What is Patient Hub?

Patient Hub is a secure online portal that allows you to access your outpatient hospital appointment information in one place. You can use a computer, smart phone or tablet to do this. 

You’ll be able to confirm, request to rebook or cancel your hospital appointments up to five days before your appointment. If you're cancelling, we request that you give at least a week if possible, in order to make this appointment available to someone else.

On Patient Hub you can also view your appointment letters and update your details and contact preferences.

To be able to make use of Patient Hub, you will need to make sure that your hospital records have an up-to-date mobile phone number (or email address). 

You don't need to download anything or remember a username and password, simply use your mobile number or email address and date of birth to login.

For more information please visit our Patient Hub frequently asked questions page.

You can contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service to discuss any concerns or questions.

How to opt out of Patient Hub 

Please read the following guide to opting out of Patient Hub.

If you are unable to access Patient Hub to change your preferences, please complete the Opt Out form.

Read more about the Patient Access Principles for Outpatients, including how this works with Patient Hub. 


Letting you know we have your referral...

Patients who have been referred for an appointment at Leeds Teaching Hospitals will now receive a new text notification from Patient Hub acknowledging that we have received the referral from your GP.

This development of Patient Hub will also enable us to provide you with some information specifically about the hospital service to which you have been referred.

Text messages will be sent from NHS_NoReply and include further information about logging on to Patient Hub for further information. You should receive your text message within 2-5 working days following your GP appointment.

This is intended to reassure patients that your referral has been received and that you will be contacted in due course with details about the next steps for your care.

If you have been referred using the national electronic referral service, you may have received a letter asking you to call us to check that we have received your referral. Please note that you do not need to do this if you have received a text notification acknowledging that your referral has been received.