The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


iconfinder wifi Symbol 925808Wi-Fi is available in all our hospitals - the service is easy to use, secure, family friendly and free to access through NHS Wi-Fi.

There are two levels of access – free standard access which allows internet browsing and emailing, and premium access through Hospedia_wifi which is pay on demand and allows for the streaming of video and music.


Connecting to the NHS WiFi service is easy, please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to WiFi settings on your device and select NHS WiFi from the list of available networks.

Wifi3 v2














2. Once connected, please follow the onscreen instructions to complete registration and create an account or if you have an account, fill in the details and log in.


 3. Please note that you will receive verification email form Purple, please click on the link supplied to verify your account.

4. Once you are registered and signed in, the landing page will be displayed. You are now able to use our free WiFi service. If you wish to stream from the internet, please connect to our premium service by connecting to Hospedia_wifi.For support with accessing NHS WiFi telephone 0333 222 56 88

For support with accessing NHS WiFi telephone 0333 222 56 88