The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Any patient attending the hospital can request an interpreter.

Please click on the links above for more information.

If you do require an interpreter please contact your clinical team.

Please note you can use the Browsealoud facility on this page to help translate any information on this website.

Please note that family members and/or friends must not interpret for you. Among other reasons, this is because:
  •   You may not want to disclose certain information to friends and family in answer to questions you may be asked. Your confidentiality may be compromised.
  •   Your family member/friend may withhold information from you if they feel it may be upsetting.
  •   Family members, especially children, are closely emotionally involved and may themselves become distressed.
  •   Family members may not be familiar with medical terms and concepts.  This could lead to misunderstanding and potentially serious consequences.

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Family Not to Interpret poster