The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Patient Experience Team

The Friends and Family Test

What did you think of your care?

Here at Leeds Teaching Hospitals we want to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Patients, carers, friends and family are welcome to leave feedback at any point. Your feedback will help us to improve our hospital services and celebrate our successes with those members of staff who looked after you. 

Your feedback is anonymous and can be given in the following ways:


armchair laptop.001You can leave your feedback online. If you are on a ward you may be asked if you would like to leave your feedback using a ward tablet.


  QR code

QR code picturesUsing your smartphone you can scan the QR code on our posters, leaflets, letters, feedback cards and business cards.



  Feedback Card

All cardsYou may be offered a card in a ward or department for you to share your feedback with us.  




Texts & IVMs

Boy with mobileYou may be sent a text or an interactive voice message (IVM) on your landline once you are discharged from hospital.