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Visiting times

Visiting patients

We continue to follow national guidance on the visiting of patients in our hospitals.

Visiting will only be supported in the following circumstances:

  • The patient is at the end of their life 
  • Patients who need help with communication and/or health and social care needs 
  • Carers are permitted to visit where there is an individual need, for example, to provide support at mealtimes or support a vulnerable patient such as a patient with a Learning Disability
  • Children can have one parent visiting / resident with them at any time.
  • Women will continue to be able to be accompanied by one birthing partner. Please see the Leeds Maternity website for the latest information and guidance 

In all instances, please speak to the ward team to discuss and agree a visiting plan for your loved one. This is so that we can safely manage the number of visitors coming to the wards at one time and protect our patients.

This list is not exhaustive. Wards are encouraged to assess patient needs compassionately and enable visiting for those patients requiring additional support from relatives or from paid/unpaid carers. Any concerns of queries in relation to this should be escalated to the Matron for discussion.

Please do not arrive unannounced. We will not be able to admit visitors to the wards without a pre-booked visiting appointment.

We will continue to make available the services and equipment that allow patients to keep in contact with their families virtually and over the telephone.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate visitors to wards where patients have Covid-19 and where patients have been in a period of self-isolation before coming to hospital for an operation. 

Please bear with us as we continue to protect our patients from Covid-19.

Please DO NOT visit hospital if:

  • you are showing any signs of Covid-19 (new continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell)
  • you are awaiting the outcomes of a covid test
  • you are self-isolating with other people showing signs of Coronavirus or anyone who has been contacted by the Test and Trace programme.

Keeping yourself and others safe during your visit

It is really important that you follow the following safety measures if you plan to come to hospital:

  • You must wear a face mask or covering when coming into hospital, even in the corridors and communal areas.
  • You should wash your hands with soap and water or use the alcohol hand gel as soon as possible after entering the hospital and again when you enter the ward. Please follow the instructions by the sink.
  • You must stay distanced from staff, other visitors and patients whilst on hospital grounds. This means staying 2m away from people wherever possible, taking the stairs instead of the lift if you can, and following one way systems.
  • You will be asked to wear a surgical face mask on the ward and this will be provided to you. The ward team will explain how to safely put on, take off and dispose of masks and any other protective equipment you are asked to wear.

Other ways of staying in touch

Letters to Loved Ones has been running for several weeks now and already more than a thousand letters have been printed and hand-delivered to inpatients staying in our hospitals. Find out how you can send a letter to your loved one.

Belongings to Loved Ones is a great way to get personal possessions to your relatives or friends who may be inpatients but can't be visited. It's as simple as dropping off a bag of belongings with one of our volunteers, who will then deliver to your loved one. Find out more on the Belongings to Loved Ones webpage.

Talking to Loved Ones allows you to speak to an inpatient via a communications app on an iPod on one of our wards. Speak to the Sister or Charge Nurse on the ward to arrange a chat, and find out more on the Patient Experience web pages.

Ward numbers, location and telephone numbers are listed on the find a ward, clinic or unit page

Meal times matter - information for visitors

At LTHT we recognise that food and drink is essential for our patients' wellbeing and recovery.

Many of our wards operate a protected mealtimes policy. This means that we try to ensure our patients are able to eat and enjoy their meals without unnecessary interruption and our ward staff are able to focus their time on assisting patients to eat and monitoring their nutrition.

Patients will still be able to see a doctor or other healthcare professional if they urgently need to and pre-arranged or urgent investigations or treatments will still take place.

How visitors can help

If you are visiting a ward displaying a Protected Mealtimes Poster, please respect this request and visit relatives or friends outside of these times where possible.

Visitors are very welcome to come onto the ward at mealtimes if they wish to provide assistance or encouragement with meals to their friend or family member.

If you are not supporting your friend or family member with their meal, you may wish to use this time to visit one of our food outlets for a meal or drink yourselves.

Visitors should avoid ringing the ward at mealtimes, this will enable a calm atmosphere where the nursing teams can focus on assisting their patients with uninterrupted time to eat and enjoy their meal.

Please ask the nurse in charge for more information on ward mealtimes