Nil by Mouth (NBM) (Easy Read)

Information for patients, carers and relatives

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Your operation

You have been told you can not eat. 
You might be waiting for an operation or unwell


You can not eat. This include chewing gum or sucking on sweets.
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You can not drink. 
This includes sips of water.

Smoking & vaping

You can not smoke or vape.


You need a plan about how to have your usual medicines
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Food and water

And a plan about how you will get food and water.


You might need support from a drip or tube feeding.


You might need to see a dietitian.
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Speech and language therapy

You might need to see a speech and language therapist.


The hospital team will support you and make a plan.

Ask questions

Please ask if you have any questions about eating and drinking.
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Hospital passport

If you have a Learning Disability or Autism diagnosis please complete a Health Passport and return it to the Learning Disability and Autism team by clicking the email link below.
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