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Why is Research Important?

Research is essential in working out which treatments work better for patients.

Clinical trials/studies are an important step in discovering new treatments to improve patient benefit, and through high-quality clinical research we can learn how to improve NHS healthcare for the future. We provide the evidence to drive better treatment outcomes for patients through innovative practice which is high on the government agenda to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatments within the NHS. Please see below to find out more about our studies and where to go to participate in/or get actively involved in research.

Taking Part in a Clinical Trial/Study

Many patients voluntarily take part in research as 'participants' in clinical trials or other well designed studies. These studies aim to test how good beneficial treatments might be for people. The NHS constitution says that your NHS health practitioner should inform you of any studies for which you may be eligible to participate in. 'Eligible' here concerns how you fit the stringent medical and personal criteria used in the study design for it to work scientifically.

To take part in a clinical trial that may interest you, visit the UK Clinical Trials Gateway which provides easy to understand information about clinical research trials running in the UK.

Research Champions 

The Trust currently has eleven volunteer Research Champions, whose role it is to help promote the opportunities to take part in research within Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and they currently:

- Are part of the public facing team for the research within the Trust

- Collaborate with staff to improve research opportunities and communications

- Liaise with other PRAs across the Yorkshire and Humber region to share learning and experiences.

One of our Research Champions John White has recently made a video about his experience in the role which can be viewed at:


To find out what patients think about taking part in research visit the NIHR Research Changed my Life website.

Information Leaflets

Patient & Public Involvement in Research (PPIR) Booklet (6.4 MB)
Health Research - What do you think? (426 KB)
Clinical Research in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
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