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Optimising surfactant delivery for preterm babies born below 37 weeks gestation in the UK, using national data from the National Neonatal Research Database



We are pleased to announce that we have met our recruitment target.

The study is now closed to recruitment.

Project Overview


This is a national study aimed at improving neonatal service delivery for babies born below 37 weeks gestation in England, by providing evidence-based data on the optimal delivery of surfactant and the impact on neonatal outcomes.

A study steering committee, comprised of neonatal consultants from accross the U.K., has collaborated to develop the protocol and guide the project.

The study outcomes will be used to inform the development of local and national guidelines on the optimal delivery of surfactant.

This study is funded by Chiesi Limited.

IRAS ID: 237111

Ethics ID: 18/WM/0132

CPMS ID: 36652


CRN Recruits

Individual Trusts are able to claim CRN accruals from 1st August 2018. This will be organised through The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust: see supporting information below.

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