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Project Documents


[1] OPTI-SURF Study Protocol (v2.1)

[2] OPTI-SURF Site Introduction Letter (v1.1)

[3] OPTI-SURF Site Additional Letter (v1.1)

[4] OPTI-SURF Project Plan / Study Algorithm (v1.2)

[5] OPTI-SURF Poster for Neonatal Units (v1.1)

[6] OPTI-Surf Study Recruitment Form (v2.0)

[7] OPTI-SURF Parent Information Leaflet (v1.4)

[8] OPTI-SURF Opt-Out Form (v2.0)

[9] OPTI-SURF Why your baby’s data are important (Neonatal Data Analysis Unit (NDAU) leaflet)

The OPTI-SURF project plan is detailed below.
Alternatively, please click on the link in the list above to download an electronic version of the plan.

Project Plan V.12