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GenOMICC - The Genetics of Mortality in Critical Care


This aim of this study is to

  • identify genetic variants within patients which are associated with susceptibility to and mortality from life-threatening infection
  • Prioritise therapeutics targets which modulate the patient’s response to the infection


A single DNA sample will be collected from patients with

  • Susceptibility to severe infections with Covid-19
  • Susceptibility to death following onset of severe illness with Covid-19
  • Susceptibility to death from quantifiable sterile injury


DNA will also be obtained from survivors of Covid-19, combined with other DNA resources and then a small cohort of those who are most susceptible will be followed for repeat samples.

This study is complimentary to the ISARIC/WHO study.


This is a study which is considered a national priority.


As an observational study, treatment will be standard care.

Who can participate?

  1. Anyone who is considered susceptible to Covid-19
  2. Anyone with Covid-19 diagnosis and severe symptoms