Transplant Patient Stories

Welcome to the Patient Stories page, where we share the remarkable journeys of our Transplant Team members.

Our diverse team of individuals have triumphed over adversity and embraced life with newfound strength. From our youngest members to our seasoned athletes, each person brings a unique perspective and a shared determination to make the most of every opportunity.

Nikki’s Story

“I had a Liver Transplant 17 years ago and shared the liver with a baby due to an autoimmune disease PBC. Being in the Leeds Adult Transplant Team (my second family) means the world to me as I was a PE teacher. This gives me an opportunity to
compete in what I love but more important, it is also a reason to stay healthy to honour my Donor and family for giving me a second chance with the most wonderful gift of life.”

Christine’s Story

“In June 2015 I had an emergency liver transplant. I had been poorly for a few months previous to the transplant but doctors couldn’t find what was wrong. A couple of weeks before my transplant we had gone away to a campsite for the weekend. I felt awful but I did some archery which I really enjoyed and got a good score.

Soon after my transplant I was told about the Transplant Games and that they did archery at the games. I thought about competing and I met a lady who was visiting someone else whilst I was in hospital.

I got sent all the details of the games and it really gave me the motivation to get better. Six months later, I joined my local archery club and attended my first games the same year. I only spent a couple of days there but I attended Lanarkshire games in 2017 and got much more involved with the games. I won my first medal and have gone on to win in British, European and World Games.

I have met so many amazing people and can see how well organ donation is promoted. The games have given me so much to look forward to, so many new friends and it’s wonderful to be part of a ‘family’. The games mean so much to me.”

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