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Cancer charity hits £1million milestone in appeal for cutting-edge equipment

Friday 6th April 2018

The Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal, which raises money for the Leeds Cancer Centre has reached a £1million milestone in its £2.4million appeal for a new cutting-edge MR Simulator machine.

Radiotherapy is one of the main treatment methods for cancer and is used either as a sole treatment or in conjunction with other treatment methods, dependent on the type and size of the cancer. It is used to both cure cancer and reduce symptoms from a cancer. Radiotherapy uses carefully targeted X-rays, designed to destroy cancer cells whilst causing minimal harm to normal body cells.

A Magnetic Resonance Simulator (MR Sim) is a state-of-the-art machine which is used to produce high quality scan images of the area with cancer present. The MRi Simulator provides images with better soft tissue definition, allowing the doctor to identify and define the areas for treatment with greater clarity than is offered with the conventional CT imaging.

Leeds Cancer Centre is one of the largest cancer centres in the UK and provides first class radiotherapy services to over 450 patients per day within Leeds and beyond. It has gained a national and international reputation for its pioneering and innovative cancer treatments and continually strives to deliver the highest quality specialist and integrated cancer care.

David Sebag-Montefiore, Audrey and Stanley Burton Professor of Clinical Oncology at the Leeds Cancer Centre and University of Leeds says, “A Magnetic Resonance Simulator will directly benefit patients who need radiotherapy treatment. It will allow us to provide state of the art radiotherapy by better targeting of the cancer and avoiding the surrounding normal tissues that we do not need to treat. This is a crucial step to allow us to deliver state of the art radiotherapy across the whole range of cancers that we treat.”

Julie Moody, Director of Communications and Income Generation at the Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal says, “The impact that this will have is evident and will transform treatment for the 450 radiotherapy patients per day at the Leeds Cancer Centre. Although we still have a significant way to go to reach our £2.4million target, we are delighted to have reached such an iconic milestone and we could not have done this without the ongoing generosity and incredible support of our donors.”

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