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New video launched to show support for the Armed Forces

Monday 16th April 2018

Leeds Teaching Hospitals has worked in partnership with the Armed Forces to launch a short video demonstrating its support towards the Armed Forces. The Trust currently has approximately 21 reservists and the video shows how the Trust will support individuals looking to become reservists, as well as looking to recruit people from the Armed Forces.

Dean Royles, Director of Human Resources for LTHT, said: “Staff who are thinking of becoming reservists will be supported by the Trust and we will help them to achieve this, and the video shows that the Trust is committed to the Armed Forces. By becoming a reservist they will increase their skills set, which can then be applied to civilian life.

“We have a number of our staff who are reservists and they bring a huge range of skills to the Trust. They’re great team players, passionate and loyal about what they do. I would encourage other trusts to embrace reservists and those staff that wish to become a reservist.

New video launched to show support for the Armed Forces

“In addition to this, the Trust has signed up to the ‘Step into Health’ pledge. This means that we can help people who leave the Armed Forces to transition into civilian life, as they have a number of transferable skills. These aren’t just medical or clinical skills but also leadership and team skills, which are important to our organisation working effectively.”

Peter Wedgwood, Deputy Production Manager at LTHT and a Pharmacy Technician for the Army, said: “A lot of the skills that I’ve developed in the military I can bring to my current role in the NHS. I’m able to remain calm in certain pressurised situations and it allows me to use different styles of leadership when necessary with my staff and in other situations.

“If you work in the NHS and are thinking of a career in the reserve, it’s an excellent idea and you learn a lot which you can take back to your civilian career, and the Trust has really supported my reserve career.”

The Trust has received an Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award from the Ministry of Defence for their support of the Armed Forces,

The video can be viewed below or by visiting on the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust YouTube page by clicking on this link: