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Electronic hoists take patients to new heights on Chapel Allerton ward

Friday 27th April 2018

Six brand new electronic hoists have been installed at Ward C1 at Chapel Allerton Hospital, allowing greater safety and efficiency in transferring patients between beds.

The ceiling track hoists, manufactured by Prism, have been funded by a grant of £30,000 from Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation. They provide a quicker, safer, more comfortable, and more dignified way for patients on the ward to be transferred in and out of beds.

The new hoists move along a fixed track attached to the length of the ceiling, allowing them to serve multiple beds in a bay. The hoists are operated via remote-control, and only takes one member of staff to operate, reducing the risk of injury from moving and handling, as well as the time taken.

Staff from Ward C1 at Chapel Allerton Hospital, with the new electronic hoists.

Michelle Kemp, Senior Sister, said: “The new hoists provide significant benefits for both staff and patients. They are incredibly simple to use and the speed and ease of the process is really impacting on the patient experience.”

The lack of bulky equipment and the presence of a ceiling track has meant patient bedsides are now much easier to access. This has also had the effect of freeing up space elsewhere on the ward, allowing an increase in capacity so that more patients are able to benefit from the specialist rehabilitation service.

Rory O’Connor, Charterhouse Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, said: “The extra space has allowed us to open three extra beds on the ward, which has helped us play our part in responding to winter pressures across the Trust. We are incredibly grateful to the Charitable Foundation for their grant of £30,000 to enable these hoists to be installed, which have had a demonstrable impact on patient care and the wellbeing of our staff.”

Julie Moody, Director of Communications and Income Generation for The Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been a part of this hoist installation project at Chapel Allerton Hospital. The impact that this will have on both patients and staff is evident and it is a fantastic patient-centred advancement to Ward C1. We are incredibly grateful to the ongoing generosity of our donors, without whom projects like this wouldn’t be possible.”