Members area

With over 24,000 members, the Trust encourages people to get involved with its membership scheme. Members have an impact on the direction of the Trust and play a key role in helping us to understand the needs of our stakeholders. 

We are currently in the process of applying to become a Foundation Trust. Our Foundation Trust (FT) membership will be the main way we will answer to the local community for the services we deliver. Working through representatives on the Council of Governors they will hold us to account. 

As patients, carers, or stakeholders, they will decide if we are doing things in the way they believe we should.

Where FT members want changes they will be able to ask Governors who represent them to work with the Board of Directors to consider their views. In this way the people we serve will have a really strong voice in how our hospitals are run.

How to be involved

We will help those who are interested in having more involvement with the Trust to do so. We will be providing opportunities to discuss the ways this might happen at workshops as we progress through the authorisation process. 

We will use this website plus local newspapers and radio, and of course we will write to Members to give details about how to join the conversation.

There will be a range of face to face meetings in local neighbourhoods, in our hospitals, and in a city centre location where you can offer your views about becoming active participants and valuable contributors.

Some of the ways of being more involved that have already been suggested include:

  • Attending talks on medical matters
  • Giving feedback on surveys, new plans and ideas for our hospitals
  • Being part of a panel to read patient information
  • Joining our volunteer team who help patients and visitors

Why not start thinking of ideas about how members could be involved? We’ll let you know how to share them and look forward to discussing how to make the ideas happen.