The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Breast Services

The Leeds Breast Unit is a large regional breast centre, seeing 10,000 patients each year. We:

  • Treat women and men with breast cancer - about 600 a year
  • Treat women and men with benign (not cancer) breast diseases
  • Carry out family history screening
  • Follow patients up
  • Carry out risk reducing surgery
  • Treat men with male breast problems
  • Treat women with breast asymmetry and congenital (from birth) breast abnormalities

Whatever your breast problem, we always plan your treatment options with other the professionals in the Breast Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) to ensure the best outcome for you.


Lead Clinician - Mr Raj Achuthan
General Manager  - Ellie MacIver
Service Manager - Matthew King
Business Manager - Rebecca Glover
Matron - Lynne Lodge