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There are 3 types of radiotherapy treatment used at Leeds Cancer Centre. We deliver a personalised treatment plan and the type of treatment you will receive depends on the cancer type. The treatments available at Leeds Cancer Centre are:

Radiotherapy is the use of carefully controlled (high energy) X-rays, to treat cancer. It can be given as a single session or as multiple sessions depending on the type of cancer you have. The organs and tissues of the body are made up of tiny building blocks called cells. The treatment is given in such a way that the X-rays destroy cancer cells while doing as little harm as possible to normal cells.

Here in the Radiotherapy Department at the Leeds Cancer Centre, we aim to deliver the highest standard of care to meet your individual needs throughout your treatment pathway. Radiotherapy is given by therapy radiographers who are highly trained in the delivery of radiotherapy treatments. You will see radiographers at each treatment session, and they are always happy to answer any questions.