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Children's and young people's radiotherapy

The Leeds Cancer Centre provides a dedicated personalised children's and young people's radiotherapy service. Our specialised staff provide an individualised treatment pathway, that caters for your child's requirements.

We work closely with the staff at the LGI, St James's and other hospitals to provide a bespoke children's and adolescent radiotherapy service.

What is radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy is the use of carefully controlled (high energy) X-rays, to treat cancer. It can be given as a single session or as multiple sessions depending on the type of cancer you have. The organs and tissues of the body are made up of tiny building blocks called cells. The treatment is given in such a way that the X-rays destroy cancer cells while doing as little harm as possible to normal cells. 

The course of radiotherapy can range from a single treatment to multiple treatments over a period of several weeks. Each radiotherapy treatment is planned for your child's cancer and no two patient's treatments are the same.

We will explain everything to you and your child. Children and young people will be given appropriate information and explanations according to their age and understanding.

We have a very active Facebook community involving patients, carers and staff. Our latest messages can be seen below.

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