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Your treatment pathway

Radiotherapy is individually planned for each patient to make sure we treat all areas necessary, whilst avoiding healthy structures within the body. Every patient's treatment pathway is unique and will differ from other patients.

There are several steps that make up the treatment pathway.

 Every patient's treatment is different and the information provided on this website is only a general guide. The healthcare team looking after you will explain your treatment pathway in detail. If you hear words or phrases that you do not understand, please ask a member of our team to explain them to you. You can ask as many times as you like.

If you have any special requirements (physical, emotional, religious, cultural or medical), please inform a member of our staff so that we can try to meet your individual needs.

We have a large number of patient information booklets available that give detailed information about your treatment. There are also ones that provide information about radiotherapy treatments and specific cancer types. You can find all of our patient information booklets here
Please do not bring anything valuable with you for your radiotherapy appointment. We have to remove earrings and necklaces for your planning and treatment scans so please leave them at home where they will be safe.


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