The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Step 1 - Consent

The consultant or a member of their team will explain your radiotherapy treatment: 

  • Which part of the body is to be treated
  • What type of treatment your doctor has chosen 
  • The aim of the chosen treatment
  • The benefit expected from the treatment
  • Any potential side effects that may occur

You will be able to ask any questions, so it may be helpful to bring a list of your questions with you to this appointment. If you hear any words or phrases that you do not understand at any time, please ask your doctor or a member of your healthcare team what it means. It does not matter how many times you ask.  It may be helpful to bring a friend or family member to this appointment to help you remember all the facts given to you by your doctor.

If you are happy to go ahead with radiotherapy you will be asked to sign a consent form.  Your doctor will give you a pink copy of your consent form. You must bring this form to your first radiotherapy treatment appointment.

For women of childbearing age (12 - 55 years) it is important that you do not become pregnant during your course of radiotherapy. This is because radiotherapy given during pregnancy could harm a developing baby. Your doctor will discuss this with you during your consent and ask you to sign to  confirm that you are not pregnant. 

It is important to let us know if you have a cardiac pacemaker or any other implanted surgical devices. If you do have a cardiac pacemaker or another surgical device, please tell one of our staff as we may need to arrange some additional appointments for you.

After you have been consented for your treatment and before you attend for your planning appointment, you will receive a telephone call from a member of our booking office staff. During this telephone call, you will be asked the following questions:

  • Do you need hospital transport to bring you to the radiotherapy department for your treatment? Unfortunately we cannot provide transport for everyone.  Transport is only available for patients that cannot bring themselves or have no one that can bring them for radiotherapy.
  • Do you need an interpreter?
  • Do you need specialist support for your radiotherapy treatment?

We will tell you the date and time of your radiotherapy planning appointment during this telephone call.