The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Referral pathways

1) For those concerned about symptoms that may be related to possible cancer the NHS conditions website can help.

2) If someone is concerned about symptoms then the advice is to contact their GP.

3) The GP can then make a referral to the appropriate Multi-Disciplinary Team through a "two week pathway".

There are local and national policies to implement the referral pathways. 

  • local policies focus on individual cancer pathways which focus on patients gaining access to the correct specialist team as quickly as possible. We are always trying to improve our cancer pathways. One example is called the ACE pathway which is aimed at those people who have vague but concerning symptoms of a potentially serious illness including cancer. Please click on this link for more information.
  • national policies have been developed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (also called NICE) which aims to improve health through evidence based guidance - click here for more detailed information.

The Leeds Cancer Centre website contains information on which team will be able to assist for specific cancers. For example, if someone has been told that they have cancer but have not yet been referred or seen a specialist, the cancers & their treatments page will contain relevant information which includes contact advice to assist with any queries.