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Gynaecological Cancer Surgery

Welcome to the Surgical Gynaecological Oncology Service.

M20190916 010 Gynae Oncology Surgical Team with ESGO certificate best. SJ5 1945The gynaecological oncology surgical team offers a comprehensive package of cancer care for women referred from hospitals across Yorkshire including Airedale, Bradford, Calderdale, Dewsbury, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Leeds, Pontefract, Wakefield and York.

We specialise in treating cancers of the cervix, fallopian tubes, ovary, peritoneum, uterus (womb), vagina and vulva. A combination of treatments can often be required to treat a gynaecological cancer so we work closely with specialists who provide chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

We are the second largest gynaecological cancer service in the United Kingdom and are part of the Leeds Cancer Centre based in Bexley Wing at St James's Hospital in Leeds. We are recognised as an ESGO Certified Centre of Excellence in Advanced Ovarian Cancer being one of only three centres in the United Kingdom and just 12 centres in the whole of Europe to have this accreditation. The primary objective of our team is to provide high quality, patient focused and modern cancer care in as timely a fashion as possible.

Please click on the following links for more information about specific cancers

Cervical Cancer

Ovarian and Primary Peritoneal Cancer

Endometrial/Uterine/Womb Cancer

Vulval Cancer

Vaginal Cancer

This video is aimed at patients who are having gynaecological cancer surgery in Leeds.  It is to inform them of what to expect to happen when they come into hospital for their operation. 

The Enhanced Recovery Programme helps patients recover quickly and safely from their operation. This involves patients playing an active role in preparing themselves for surgery and also in their recovery. 

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