The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet the Team

The Stroke Research team currently has 10 Stroke Consultants, 1 Research Fellow, 1 Clinical Research Nurse Manager, 3 Clinical Research Nurses, 1 Clinical Trials Assistant who supports the clinical staff and 1 Patient Research Ambassador. 

We work in tandem with teams who work on the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit at the LGI to provide the best possible research that we can. 


Dr. Ahamad Hassan

Consultant in Neurology and Stroke Physician

Dr. Vasileios Papavasileiou

Consultant in Stroke Medicine

Dr. Ana Garcia

Consultant in Neurology and Stroke

Dr. John Bamford

Consultant in Neurology and Cerebrovascular Physician

Dr. Sameer Limaye

Consultant in Elderly Care and Stroke Medicine

Dr. Luis Idrovo

Consultant in Neurology

Dr. Marc Randall

Consultant in Neurology and Stroke Physician

Dr. Jon Cooper

Consultant Physician with an interest in Stroke Medicine

Dr. Sally Lui

Consultant in Neurology and Stroke

Dr. Marissa Minns

Consultant in Stroke and Geriatrics

Dr. Sankaranarayanan Ramachandram

Clinical Research Fellow for Stroke



Linetty Makawa

Clinical Research Nurse and Line Manager

Dean Waugh

Clinical Research Nurse

Emelda Veraque

Clinical Research Nurse

Mary Kambafwile

Clinical Research Nurse


Nathan Douglas

Clinical Trials Assistant in Stroke and Neurosurgery