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Caring for someone with dementia at home during COVID-19

This pack has been put together by Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust with some suggestions that might help you and the person you care for cope with this difficult time. There are some ideas about how to look after yourself, how to respond to any changes in the behaviour of the person you care for as well as information about where to seek additional practical and emotional support.

Download a resource pack for carers

This is me

This is me is a form that helps health and social care professionals build a better understanding of who the person really is, which can help them deliver care that is tailored to the person’s needs. This is me should be completed as early as possible, so the person can take it to a new place or give it to new people who contribute to their care. It should be updated as necessary. This is me should be filled in by the individual(s) who know the person best and, wherever possible, with the person involved. 

Download a This Is Me form

Free Dementia Training Resources

The Leeds Beckett Centre for Dementia Research team have created a number of resources for those working in health and social care services, volunteers, family members and members of the public. They provide basic, quality assured training, on key dementia topics.

If there are any training topics that would be helpful, please get in touch with the team by emailing:

Visit the training website

Join Dementia Research

We are encouraging all staff, patients, family and friends to Join Dementia Research

Every 3 minutes someone in the UK develops dementia and it now affects 850,000 people with the number set to double over the next 30 years*.

The Department of Health have launched the Challenge on Dementia 2020 with the aim of making England the world-leader in dementia care, research and awareness.

The main objectives are;

  1. Every newly diagnosed person will receive information on Join Dementia Research
  2. All relevant staff can signpost patients to Join Dementia Research

Through research we can help to understand what causes the disease, develop effective treatments, improve care and hopefully one day find a cure.

“Research will be how we answer all of our prayers for a world without dementia” Simon Denegri OBE, NIHR National Director for Patients, Carers and the Public, National Institute for Health Research.

We need your help!

All it takes is 5 minutes - the time it’s taken you to read this article.

Register your interest

  •   Find the studies that match your information.
  •   Connect with researchers to show an interest in their studies.
  •   Discover exciting new studies.
  •   Help us improve dementia care and treatment.

If you are a member of staff, please watch the video and learn more about promoting this research to your patients.

Watch the video and complete the quiz 

What types of research could I take part in?

Taking part in a research study can take many forms.  There are lots of types of studies, such as those looking at prevention or new ways to diagnose the condition; drug studies trialling new treatments; or surveys aiming to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers.  dementia research

Handmade for Dementia

Handmade for Dementia kindly donate cannula sleeves for our patients. The knitted sleeves improve the patient’s experience while in hospital by giving them something to fiddle with, this can help with anxiety and also reduces the chance of them removing important cannulas in their arms.

If you’d like to get involved in making them you can join the Facebook group.

Download an information sheet