The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Marsden WI donate twiddle muffs for elderly patients

3 August 2017

Thank you to the Marsden WI who have kindly donated over 50 hand-knitted Twiddle Muffs for our elderly patients.
Twiddle Muffs are hand-warmers made from brightly-coloured materials, decorated with buttons, beads, zips, ribbons, and other things that patients can fiddle with.
Sister Sally Rollinson-White from ward J19 is pictured with knitters from the Marsden Women's Institute.
Twiddle muff donation
The original Twiddle Muff was made by Margaret Light for her grandmother, Lily, who needed something to keep her hands warm and busy. Since then, Twiddle Muffs have taken off across the country.
In addition to keeping hands warm they provide tactile and mental stimulation, and can help provide relief from arthritis. They’ve been shown to provide safe diversionary therapy and are particularly effective with patients suffering from dementia.
Well done to everyone who contributed and helped to make this happen for our patients!
If you’d like to try making a Twiddle Muff yourself, you can find the Charitable Foundation’s pattern design here: