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Leeds Adult Transplant Sport Team - A supportive community for transplant recipients, their family and friends.

The British Transplant Games have taken place annually since 1978, visiting 17 host cities around the UK including Portsmouth, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Belfast and Sheffield.

The Games aim to encourage transplant patients to regain fitness, whilst increasing public awareness of the need for more people to join the NHS Organ Donation Register and discuss their wishes with their families.

The Leeds Team is consistently one of the largest teams at the Games. Although only transplant recipients can compete in the Games, anyone can join the team in a support role.

Want to find out more?

Please contact Team Managers Kirsty Saville or Kirsty Miles.
email: (preferred)
0113 206 6585 or 0113 206 8184
Twitter: @LeedsAdult_TS
Facebook: leedsadulttransplantsport

Claire’s story 

“I had a kidney transplant as a child in 1980 and a after the same disease went on to destroy my liver I had a liver transplant in 1997, both of which have thankfully been very successful. I have been attending the British Transplant Games since 1981 and although not a great athlete go to meet my friends and many very inspiring people.

One year I met a donor dad who was telling me his son had died after being knocked down and they donated his organs as he had watched Blue Peter as a child, seen children with transplants saying how good they were and told them he wanted to be a donor if anything happened to him. When I told him I was one of those children he hugged me and said “Thank you”! When I asked why he was thanking me he said “My son’s life was over, but because of what you did I can see his heart propelling someone down that pool”!

I don’t know who my donor families are, but this donor dad and his wife and now good friends of mine and a surrogate donor family for me.”


Iain’s story 

Iain was inspired to take part in the British Transplant Games after reading about a lady who had competed and seeing her medals on the ward while recovering from his transplant. He was determined to take part and it gave him the motivation and drive to get fit again.

“We hadn’t met any transplant recipients before the games (expect on the ward or at outpatients appointments) and it was fantastic to speak to people at the games who were very positive about their experiences and to discover how long many of them had had their transplants. The team were very supportive and welcoming and this has given us a renewed confidence in the future. The games were a celebration and very friendly. We are all looking forward to the games next year.”