The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


The following posters were created by Liver Unit patients and staff for our Patient Experience event on 5th September 2016, and will be displayed on a rotating basis on the ward. 

 20160823 001 What Pharmacy do for transplant patients poster NEW220160823 001The importance of hand hygiene poster220160821 001 Social Media Communication New220160821 001 SJUH Liver Support Group poster220160821 001 Hepatology Admin Poster220160821 001 ERAS in Liver Surgery220160821 001 About the SJUH Liver Support Group poster v2 new220160818 006 Patient Engagement in our Service developments poster220160818 001 What happens to your liver biopsy poster220160818 001 The development of a nurse led hep b service220160818 001 Thanks to the kindness of a stranger220160818 001 Screening for Hep B in the Chinese Community220160818 001 Satisfaction survey220160818 001 Reginon Hep C CNS teams 220160816 004 Welcome to the Leeds Liver Unit poster final220160816 004 Saying Thankyou220160816 004 Post Liver Transplant Care poster220160816 004 paracentesis service poster220160816 004 Encouraging Patients to Keep Active220160816 004 Capturing and improving patient experience poster220160811 018 Poster 320160811 018 Poster 420160809 005 Carmel A0 poster NEW2