The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Liver Cancer

The Leeds Liver Unit provides a large tertiary referral service for liver cancer.

Liver cancer can be primary or secondary.

Primary liver cancer arises within the liver or bile ducts. All of these cancers are uncommon and therefore are discussed in a specialist centre such as ours. We see patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (arising from liver cells) and cholangiocarcinoma (arising from bile ducts) as well as a number of other much rarer primary liver cancers.

Secondary liver cancer arises elsewhere and has spread to the liver. Surgery can help some patients with some secondary liver cancer. Our unit has a very large liver surgery practice for metastases (secondaries) from colon or rectal cancer.

The multidisciplinary cancer team consists of hepatobiliary and transplant surgeons, hepatologists, specialist liver radiologists, oncologists, pathologists and clinical nurse specialists.

The team meets every week to discuss referrals from both Leeds and many other hospitals who refer to us for our opinion on their patients.

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