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Live Donor Liver Transplant Program


The Leeds Teaching Hospitals offers both adult to adult and adult to child live donor liver transplantation as an option for those patients who need a transplant.

What we do

The aim of live donor liver transplantation is to transplant a recipient at an early stage of their liver failure using a portion of liver from a living donor that has been carefully evaluated as an appropriate match.

By transplanting patients earlier in their disease progression this often prevents them from becoming too sick for liver transplantation and helps in their recovery from major surgery.

Leeds Patient Stories

You can find out more about the Live Donor Liver Transplant Program directly from some of our patients who have told us their stories and the impact that the program has had on their lives.

Contact us

For further information regarding live donor liver transplantation or if you wish to be considered as a potential donor, please contact:

Julie Jeffery
Transplant Co-ordinator

Telephone: 0113 206 6913


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Useful documents

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