The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Kath: “thank-you so much not only for all your efforts re the live donor process, but also for offering me support at the most difficult time when we were beginning to despair”.

Jamie, Lee, Lisa and Dave: “this has been a massive journey for our family and you have been there every step of the way”.

Nicola: “we have never met but you have made a big impact on my life, my sister donated part of her liver to her daughter … the support you gave her before, during and after the operation was immeasurable .. the NHS frequently gets bad press but I think you’re wonderful".

Parents: "You are shining lights in the whole process, long may it continue and we pray you are kept happy and healthy so you may illuminate many more liver”.

Sheena: “A big thank you for everything that you have done for me, before, during and after my liver donation operation, you do a fantastic job, can’t thank you enough”.

Jason: “Words cannot express how thankful I am for all your help and support through this roller coaster ride”.

Jeanette: “It is only through your support that I have managed to be a live donor for my mum, you have helped me remain confident, focused and positive in undertaking my operation, whilst supporting my post-operative recovery”.

Geraldine: “To all that have helped with the live liver donation operation… thank you ever so much for all your care, you have been superstars. I needed each and every one of you".


Annemarie: ”Thank-you for getting me through the live donor operation … I could not have helped my sister without your courage to do your job … she is my twin sister and I would have done anything to save her life … you made that happen”.