The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Viral Hepatitis

The Department of Hepatology provides a comprehensive service for patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The service is multi-disciplinary and includes consultants in infectious diseases and sexual health as an integral part.

GPs are encouraged to refer all new patients with hepatitis B or C to this service through Choose and Book (Viral Hepatitis). There is appropriate expertise in this clinic for patients co-infected with either virus or other blood borne viruses such as HIV. Third sector and public health services can refer to this clinic directly using a proforma available on Leeds Health Pathways.

The medical clinic is held weekly on Thursday afternoons. It is a teaching and training clinic. Fibroscan technology is available in this clinic if needed.

Current developments in early stages currently include inreach services to local prisons and outreach services to the Mid-Yorkshire area. We anticipate progress on this during 2016-17.


Medical team

  • Dr Mark Aldersley (Service lead; Consultant Hepatologist)
  • Dr Iain Brew (GP with Specialist Interest in Hepatitis C)
  • Dr Penny Lewthwaite (Consultant Infectious Diseases)
  • Dr Emma Page (Consultant Sexual Health)
  • Dr Ian Rowe (Consultant Hepatologist)
  • Dr Ramu Chimakurthi (Consultant Hepatologist)

Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • Ms Suzanne Newton (Hepatitis C)
  • Ms Kathryn Rothwell (Alcohol and Substance Misuse)
  • Ms Samantha Sharman (Hepatitis C)
  • Ms Sara Stevenson (Hepatitis B)
  • Ms Tracey Stirrup (Hepatitis C)
  • Ms Catherine Wigglesworth (Hepatitis C)

Clinical pharmacist

  • Ms Sandeep Whitehead
Administrative team
  • Ms Lynn Cavell (Secretary)
  • Ms Catriona Brook (MDT co-ordinator)