The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

New eye department FAQs

Frequently asked questions on the new Ophthalmology outpatients department at Gledhow wing, St James's.


Were patients with sight loss consulted on the design of the new department?

There have been regular meetings with our patient group over the course of the project, this was particularly important at the beginning of the project when we listened to patients' suggestions on the need for clear routes and distinctive features. The Yorkshire landscape wall  images were also shared with the patient group.

Will children’s services at St James’s move?

No – our children’s eye services in the MSOP building will remain in the same location.

Will any services at Seacroft move?

No – our eye services at Seacroft Hospital will remain where they are.

Will ophthalmology services elsewhere/on different sites also get a makeover?

No - not at this stage.

Will the new department reduce wait times for patients?

The ambition of the new department is to reduce wait times by improving the flow and capacity of our ophthalmology clinics.

Will the new department be more patient friendly for the visually impaired?

The new department has been designed to improve the experience for our visually impaired patients. Amongst other improvements, there are larger clinic rooms with a clear route to the patient chair, the corridors are wider and the whole department is bright with natural daylight in many areas.

How far is level 4 from the main entrance?

Level 4 is in fact only one floor up from the main entrance to Gledhow wing. The lift lobby is directly ahead of the main entrance. Alternatively, there are two flights of stairs from the lift lobby to level 4.

What will happen to the old space in Chancellor’s wing?

The old Eye department in Chancellor wing will be refurbished in order to expand the current  A&E department at St James's.