The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet the Team

The Clinical Management Team

General Manager: Iain McBrairdy

Service Manager: Gareth Dalby

Lead Clinician: Mr Bataung  Mokete  

Business Manager: Daniel Wignall

Patient Service Co-ordinator: Rachael Brayson

Head of Nursing: Deborah Hall

Ophthalmology Clinic Senior Sisters: Camelia Tomita and Victoria Psarra 

Ophthalmology ward J25 Sister : Angela Jackson

Head of Service: (Orthoptics): Janice Hoole      Click here for more information on Orthoptics

Head of Service: (Optometry): Tim Hunter        Click here for more information on Optometry


Consultant Ophthalmologists


 Consultant                                 Clinical Sub speciality


Mr Aws Al-Hity                             Vitreo Retinal

Miss Seema Anand                       Corneal

Mr Oliver Backhouse                     Uveitis / Neuro Ophthalmology

Mr James Ball                                Corneal     

Miss Kanchan Bhan                       Ocular Inflammatory Disease

Miss Fiona Bishop                          Vitreo Retinal

Mr John Buchan                            Emergency care

Mr Zia Carrim                                Medical Retina / Vitreo Retinal

Mr Bernie Chang                           Oculo Plastics

Mr Tim Dabbs                                Medical Retina

Mr Bryn Davies                              Cataract / Community Ophthalmology

Mr Simon Dewsbury                      Glaucoma

Mr Evangelos Drimtzias                 Strabismus / Neuro Ophthalmology / Paediatrics

Mr Nabil El-Hindy                          Ocular Plastics

Mr Peter Galloway                         Glaucoma

Mr Sreedhar Jyothi                        Ocular Plastics

Mr George Kalantzis                      Ocular Plastics

Mr Kamron Khan                          Medical Retina

Mr Simon Kolb                              Vitreo Retinal

Mr Ashish Kumar                           Paediatrics

Mr Vernon Long                            Paediatrics

Mr Martin McKibbin                      Medical Retina

Mr Bataung  Mokete                      Vitreo Retinal

Mr Andrew Morrell                        Corneal

Mr Raj Mukherjee                          Medical Retina

Mr Damian O'Neill                         Medical Retina

Ms Salina Siddiqui                         Glaucoma

Mr Ian Simmons                            Strabismus / Neuro Ophthalmology / Paediatrics

Miss Rosalind Stewart                   Corneal



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