The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Dispensing Opticians

Dispensing opticians are specialists who fit prescriptions for spectacles provided by either optometrists, ophthalmic medical practitioners or ophthalmologists. Registered with the General Optical Council they assess the suitability of both spectacle lenses and frames to provide the best solution to the prescription for spectacles, with reference to the patient's visual and vocational requirements. Dispensing opticians are also able to fit contact lenses and provide Low vision aids after undergoing further specialist training.

There are currently around 4,000 qualified dispensing opticians in the UK, about 100 of whom work in the HES.

Dispensing opticians working in the HES usually provide specialist dispensing services including complex spectacle dispensing for babies, children and adults, ptosis prop fitting, hand made frames for patients with complex fitting needs and spectacle mounted low vision aids. Dispensing Opticians at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust also provide Low vision aid assessment and prescribing as part of their role and either have a Low Vision diploma or are working towards one.

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