The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

What we do

We normally provide comprehensive secondary eye (ophthalmic) services, both emergency and routine, for adults and children in Leeds and a tertiary eye service for other areas of Yorkshire and beyond.

The department has a large multi-professional eye care team and a range of highly specialised equipment. We are able to diagnose, investigate, treat and operate (where necessary) on a range of eye conditions, including complex eye diseases.

We are actively involved in clinical research and you may be asked about taking part in a research project. Click here for more information about clinical research.


Recovery plan

We have now restarted some of our services and we started seeing a small number of less acute patients from Tuesday the 26th of May 2020.

The Ophthalmology consultants have been identifying and prioritising patients who need to be seen when services re start and we will be contacting patients to arrange appropriate appointments.

All elective ophthalmology surgery and non urgent procedures remain cancelled due to the coronavirus.

All routine ophthalmology outpatients appointments were cancelled from Monday the 23rd of March 2020.

Ophthalmology and Optometry have now moved back into the eye clinic in Chancellors wing having temporarily moved out from Monday the 6th of April 2020 to release space for the emergency department.

The Ophthalmology team continues to provide emergency eye care, in the Acute referral clinics (ARC) which are once again being delivered from the main eye clinic at the St. James's University hospital site.