The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Introduction to LTHT Pathology for Medical Students

Lab Tours

Videos introducing our laboratory services

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Point of Care Testing Service

An overview of POCT service provision

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POCT training

How to book on training sessions and thereby gain access to use of POCT equipment such as blood gas analysers

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Tests and tubes

Test-specific sample requirements and clinical indications for the LTHT Pathology Test repertoire

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Sample declaration form

Authorising the Processing inadequately labelled samples/request forms which have been rejected

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Department key contacts

Key contacts for each of our departments

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User feedback Page

A mechanism to leave feedback on specific Pathology Services, which will be reviewed and actioned through our governance structures

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Labelling Policy on LHP site

Essential requirements that must be met for samples to be accepted and processed by our laboratory services

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High risk samples: notifying the lab

How to notify the lab that samples being sent are high risk (or potentially high risk)

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