The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust



The Mycology Reference Centre is a Regional Mycology Laboratory within the UK Clinical Mycology Network and part of the Department of Microbiology at the Leeds General Infirmary.
We have been offering mycology services, in the UK and internationally, since 1969 including a  range of diagnostic services, clinical advice, training opportunities and clinical trials. We also carry out service development and research in various areas of medical mycology. Departmental services include:-

  • Diagnostic services
  • Clinical advice and interpretation
  • Training opportunities
  • Clinical Trials

We take part in the following External Quality Assurance Schemes: UK NEQAS mycology; UK NEQAS for antifungal susceptibility, NEQAS for Antifungal assays and UK NEQAS for Fungal Biomarkers

Mycology request form (word) (for use by organisations outside the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust)