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Ethanol (urine)

Measurement of ethanol in the urine. ***This test cannot be used for medicolegal (forensic) purposes.***

Tube 08 (UR) - Urine
Additional Information Ethanol is the intoxicating substance in alcoholic drinks. Effects of ethanol include relaxation, decreased inhibition, poor coordination and poor judgement. Most ethanol is metabolized by the liver but a small amount (0.7-1.5%) is excreted unchanged in the urine. Peak concentrations in urine are reached approximately 45-60 minutes after alcohol ingestion, and ethanol may be detected in urine for approximately 24h following consumption. The legal limit for ethanol in urine is 107 mg/dL. False positive results may occur in samples containing both glucose (diabetic patients) and bacteria or yeast due to fermentation, or in postmortem samples. For liver transplant evaluation, refer to entry for ethyl glucuronide.
Turn Around (From time of sample receipt)
A&E: 1h
Inpatient: 6h
Outpatient / GP: 24h
Send to Blood Sciences (Biochemistry), SJUH
Collection Con Plain urine.
Sample REQ Urine
Ref. Range Notes <20 mg/dL. Urine ethanol should not be detected in samples from patients who have not recently consumed alcoholic drinks.
Units mg/dL
Telepath ALCU1J