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Full blood count

Full blood count

The FBC is used as a broad screening test to check for disorders such as anaemia, infection and other diseases. It is a panel of tests that examines different parts of the blood including Hb, Red Blood Cell parameters, White Blood count including differential and platelets.

Tube 03 (EB) - EDTA Blood
ID Tests&Tubes0055
Additional Information FBC is not suitable for add-on testing (fresh sample required)
Turn Around A&E: 1 hour
Day Case: 4 Hours
In-Patient: 6 Hours
Out-Patient: 24 Hours
GP: 24 Hours
Send to Blood Sciences Cross Site
Contact For further details please contact Leeds Pathology customer services:
Collection Con Minimum Volume - one full 3ml EDTA or full paediatric tube
A separate EDTA blood sample is required if HbA1c, PTH, PV or ESR is also requested.

Instructions for Lab Staff: Standard lab processing- No special requirements

Sample REQ Blood
Ref. Range Notes Blood Sciences Refernce ranges available through the useful information and links page:
Telepath LF (FBC2L, RES1L), JF (FBC2J, RES1J)